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Seamlessly integrated with live events, Fans Poker enriches your poker life
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Hands export and analysis
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Fans Poker - Club Your Friends

Virtual clubs

In-game clubs and virtual stores are supported, and poker events can be held with friends.

Hands analysis

With PokerSnowie, played hands can be exported for analysis.

Live events

Seamlessly integrated with the Poker Fans, live events and tournaments of clubs across the country are all linked.

Game scenes

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Create/Join a club

Anyone can easily create a club. To join an existing club, scan the QR code of the club as simple as inviting friends to LINE.

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Participate in events

There are three types of events: Cash / SNG / MTT. And feel free to participate in the official events.

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Check results

You can check the participation records, rankings, prizes, etc. And Live events of Poker Fans will be automatically integrated.

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Save/Analyze Hands

With one tap you can save your proud plays or accident hands, share them with friends or export them to PokerSnowie.